VoIP Business Services

How Did VoIP Become the Best? Find Out.

The VoIP Business Services offered by RingCentral includes three basic features: conference calling, business telephone and music calling. Business phone gives free international inter office transfers, free call tracking and free music calling features in various countries. Business Continuity offers free unified communications integration across all communication channels and free installation of VoIP software. RingCentral also provides additional services such as: call forwarding, call waiting, voice mail, voicemail, e-mail, fax and web conference calls.

Businesses are increasingly adopting VoIP technology for numerous reasons.

It enables flexible communications at low cost with added value added features such as automated attendant, call distribution, conferencing and other features that can boost productivity. In other words, businesses can now get combined communications features at a much lower price and can enjoy new opportunities that were unimaginable just a few years ago. If you own small to medium sized businesses, consider the possibilities that are available through VoIP technology.

Perhaps one of the primary reasons for adopting VoIP Business Services

from RingCentral is the ability to save money on long-distance and international long distance call charges. By utilizing the hosted IP telephony system, businesses can significantly reduce their long distance costs and can easily migrate to unified communications services. RingCentral allows you to call and receive calls at rates just a touch higher than traditional phone rates and offers additional features such as voice mail, call recording, e-mails, fax and web conference calling options that are simply not available with standard phone plans.

To take advantage of all these great features, all that you need is a broadband Internet connection. There are two types of VoIP phone system options available – analog and digital. Digital calls are sent and received via digital codes instead of analog ones, so there is no difference in the quality of the sound. Analog calls are converted to digital data during transmission. When a communication takes place over a broadband Internet connection, it is virtually impossible for the user to notice any difference in quality, since both analog and digital information is transmitted at the same speed.

Both analog and digital telephony services utilize voice networks that are comprised of dedicated network lines. For voice networks, each user connects directly to the telephone company’s main switch and obtains an assigned number. This number is then linked to a specific SIP account number. The analog system uses the same type of lines, but allows multiple users to connect to the same number. With digital phone systems, businesses can place VoIP calls to multiple users at the same time and does not require any special hardware or software installations.

Businesses can get access to the features and benefits of VoIP business services through hosted IP telephony service providers who offer hosted IP phone systems along with Internet voice and video conferencing. The Internet-based voice and video applications can be accessed from a computer, tablet PC, smart phone, or laptop. Many providers also provide easy access to web-based controls, so employees can manage their calls easily. Businesses can also get access to real-time business VoIP conference calling as well as web-based conferencing tools for remote locations. They can also get access to advanced features such as three way calling, call transferring, and VoIP call transfers.

A major advantage of VoIP compared to traditional phone systems is that businesses can eliminate many of the costs associated with maintaining an IT infrastructure. There is no need to purchase additional hardware, software, or maintain a comprehensive IT support network. Another advantage is that many businesses can eliminate long-distance charges by using VoIP, since the calls made within a local area will never cross over to a non-local area. Businesses can also save on long distance costs by converting their analog phone system to VoIP. Since many VoIP services offer unlimited long distance calls for a set monthly fee, they are a great choice for companies with more than one location.

  • There are a variety of other reasons why many businesses choose to use oil instead of a traditional phone system.
  • Businesses may want to reduce their IT expenses and save on staffing, or they may want to expand their business and have access to highly scalable infrastructure.
  • Whatever the case, choosing to make use of a VoIP provider has many benefits.